About Us

Hallmark Syndicated is a full service company offering business solutions covering incorporation, branding, real estate, training and recruitment in Ghana. We are your one-stop shop for your start-up from its inception through to its full blown stage.


Business Registration

We provide our clients with the necessary information to ease and fast-track all registration processes at the Registry General’s Department, Ghana Free Zones Board, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) and other government agencies



We organize training programmes for all levels from executive management to employees on critical areas of business and keep them up to speed on best practices.



Our creative team are expects in advertising and marketing and are committed to growing your business with you. We work with you to develop the best advertising and marketing strategy that will spur rapid growth of your business.




We select qualifies professionals whose career aspirations and goals align with our client’s organizational vision and culture. This creates an environment for innovation and growth in ways that make the organization dynamic and competitive.


Real Estate

We assist with the drafting, documentation and perfection of land transactions after the necessary due diligence services have been provided to ascertain the title and status of prospective land vendors. While conducting formal searches, private investigations are made to determine whether or not there are practical obstacles on the ground. Buying, selling or leasing a property is a small job, but with us behind you, guiding and directing your step, you will not only find it stress-free, but enjoyable even. Count on us. We are yet to let anyone down.